​Creating online stores that converts
your visitors to customers

Creating online stores that converts your visitors to customers

Ecommerce web design built with the professional and seo friendly magento website platform

The advancement of technology and the fact that everything is going online is the reason why 25% of the money spent in Britain is spent online. This is a clear indication that there is a high potential in terms of business an ecommerce store can bring you. You should therefore consider creating an online store that converts your visitors to customers. The best in this case is one that has been built on Magento.

Magento is one of the most highly ranked ecommerce solutions due to the fact that it is more powerful and more flexible compared to other software. Over 50,000 online stores are powered by magento ecommerce websites including North Face and Samsung. The name Magento is so popular to an extent that Google has recorded more searches for “Magento” than “ecommerce”.  So how do you start off with an ecommerce website? Let’s take a look.

If you are interested in doing your business online and have decided that an ecommerce website will work for you, whether it’s your first try at selling online or if you are looking to advance your online presence of an already existing website, you should consider two options;

  1. You can either work with a web design company that already have their own custom built platform
  2. You can go with a web design company that only works with already established and supported ecommerce software.

Here at Emedia, all our ecommerce websites have been developed on the very powerful and globally known Magento software. This is an open-source software platform available to developers worldwide who are continually improving the software. This means that when the internet is evolving, Magento does the same to be the best in the ecommerce industry.

Getting the best team to work on an E-commerce website can be a challenge. However, we specialise in Magento E-commerce websites. Since there are always new updates and versions coming up, we will always keep our websites updated. One thing that makes this software popular is that it is a feature-rich, professional and flexible software which allows you to offer a blue chip level E-commerce website to your visitors and this comes without the blue chip price tag.

If you do your research and look at the portfolio of some of the companies that power their websites with Magento then you will come to a conclusion that Magento is the best E-commerce platform available. Nespresso, Samsung, Stussy and North Face are all users of Magento to power their online stores. Any business wanting to grow should consider being part of a software that boosts 50,000 merchants and the world’s fastest growing E-commerce platform.

New E-commerce sites

E-commerce or online shopping has been made easier, quicker and safer than ever before. 42.6% of consumers in the UK bought something online at least once a week in the previous year. That’s not all, the average online spend per shopper was £71 per month. According to statistics, it is expected that online sales in the UK alone will grow by 110% in the next decade. This means that by 2020 we will be talking about £123bn. Unfortunately, still with this wider market, a good number of E-commerce websites still don’t know the potential they have. Some don’t get enough traffic and even when they do, they don’t make use of that opportunity. The main reason why SearchEoptimization came into existence is to make sure that your website doesn’t fall into this category.

Why we use Magento

One thing that puts Magento on top of the game is the fact that there are no limitations to the design possibilities. You can create a beautiful website that doesn’t have any restrictions as far as functionality is concerned. What you also have is a search engine friendly shopping website. The good thing about Magento is that it gives us the freedom to deliver whatever we think will work for our customers. We offer our customers E-commerce packages that are designed by developers who bring out what the customers want in a well-organised online store. Being such a flexible tool, we have been able to develop many E-commerce sites that have multiple websites running off the same administration, dual currency, digital downloads, discount vouchers and mobile friendly websites that can also integrate with social media platforms.

Why choose Magento?

Our customers are able to streamline the order fulfilment process while at the same time retaining full control over every aspect of their stores from merchandising to promotion thanks to Magento’s user friendly and intuitive administrative interface. Magento is a total E-commerce solution since it has easy to use product management tools, comprehensive merchandising and marketing features like social shopping, product reviews, wish lists, up-selling/cross-selling, extensive analytics and reports, E-newsletter management and easy inventory management and integration with third party software such as Sage.

Why should you opt to use Magento instead of developing your own E-commerce website?

The “two heads are better than one” expression is popular but have you ever thought about what thousands of heads can do? We just don’t think it makes sense to compare something that has been developed by the best developers from around the world with something that has been developed by one person.

When talking about custom built E-commerce software, just like any other software, there are those that are good and others that are bad, so it’s not easy to evaluate them. However, the crucial difference they share and one that makes Magento the best software is the fact that if your website is powered by a custom platform then you will always be limited to working under the guidance of the company that developed the software. This means that if you decide that you no longer want your website or in case you run out of business and would like to make some crucial changes, you will have to pay more money to do that.

There are new features such as the social media which means that the internet is evolving at a very first speed. Just as your iPhone is supported by the app store, Magento is also supported by a huge community of developers. Their responsibility is to provide a constantly growing catalog of “plug ins”. This is what allows you to add additional functionality quickly and at an affordable price. This means that you will not be in a situation where you are charged heavily to make a small change or add a simple feature to your website. Gone are the days when you had to work with an outdated website just to avoid unnecessary expenses.

The difference between Magento Community, Magento Enterprise and Magento professional

Cost is the major factor. You will have to part with around £9,000 per year for each enterprise website. However, using the Magento Community is totally free. Our Magento customers can enjoy an extensive support and get a customised Magento website that has a huge variety of custom features. Our main aim is to offer Enterprise level Magento website without the annual expense of the enterprise software most customers incur.

You will only understand what we are talking about if you take a test drive of the back-end of Magento and have a feel of what this platform can do.

The difference between Magento, Oscommerce, Actnic and Zencart

This is a question that has been asked by most of online shop operators. Giving the best answer to this question is not easy and since Magento is our platform of choice, we may be a little bit biased. However, it is clear that Magento is the best. Try to Google the word and all you will see are the best rates a software can ever receive. What any web developer will tell you is that a well-designed and well-built Magento site is far much better than a well-designed and well-built E-commerce site done by another platform.

The cost of a Magento website design

Anyone can download Magento and the best part is that it is free. However, unlike other software, you will need an in-depth knowledge of programming and coding. If you have a small business then you can consider downloading the free available templates. These are good to start off but can be restrictive and frustrating to use.

What is the future of Magento

There is always something new in the internet since it is always evolving. New developments and features will always be inevitable since technology grows each day. This is why Magento is always evolving constantly to ensure it retains the title of being the best choice for the professional online business and the most popular E-commerce software available. So you need to change the way you have been doing business and try out Magento.